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I made this plan to help you jumpstart or restart your healthy lifestyle. Staying motivated can be a real challenge so once in a while I like to do these “boot camps” where I put serious time and focused dedication into my health. It helps remind me of all the healthy habits I want to maintain, and focus on specific goals.  Remember that healthy living is both physical and mental so during this week focus not only on your exercise and nutrition, but also on your attitude and how you treat yourself. To me, a healthy lifestyle means living in the way that is best for your total health- mind and body.

You can print this out and use the checklist each day! It’s a great thing to hang on your motivation wall or just keep in plain sight during the week to help you stay on track!

For more ways to stay motivated go here! :)


1. The watch is your enemy. I’m serious. Do you know the feeling when you just started your first mile & you are already panting/dying and you just glance over to check the time/distance and you suddenly are like “OH MY GOD I CANT DO THIS 36 MINUTES TO GO AND I CANT BREATH I CANT CANT”? You shouldn’t stop there, honey. You should cover your watch with something and you should focus on the NOW and not the remaining miles. Instead of watching the time, music is a lovely substitute. Usually a song is ~3:30 min, 2 songs are like 7 minutes. So you will run from song to song and not from minute to minute. On top of that you will gain motivation from your awesome playlists. (my running theme)

2. Focus on your goal. Focus on a reward, you run for something, right? Maybe you want to get into shape or be fitter or whatever. Imagine Ryan Gosling waiting you at the finish line or looking hot or feeling & being healthy.

3. Focus on your problems. Running is the perfect place to release your stress. Everyone has problems, what makes difference is your reaction, the way you deal with your problems. Running is a challenge, you fight yourself, your problems, your insecurities. Let them come to you, and during your run, you will free yourself from them. Run your problems out.

4. Have a ‘keep calm’ song. ‘Keep calm’ songs are (surprise!:)) keeping you calm. When you feel like hyperventilating & you are like “i can’t do this, i want to stop” over & over again, use a keep calm song. And breathe more. Long, nice breaths will stabilize your heart rate.

5. Feel your body. That’s my favorite method (to be honest, I’m running for this feeling:)). I was a swimmer during my high school career (like 2-7 hours training everyday, yay!). And swimming is quite boring (you even can’t have your music) and challenging. So I started to focus on my body. My lungs, how I am getting breath, my legs, how they work. My arms, the motions, I started to watch my body and pay attention to my body. And my body in return kept me in the present, so I was just swimming, nothing more.

(Source: science-of-cee)

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